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Episode 68 | Monday Message With Frantzces Do Regular Inventory Of Your Life

In this episode, Frantzces talks about how important it is to do a regular inventory of your life. Sometimes our problems snowball and they grow in size. And what’s important for us to do is to stop for a minute and get curious about our lives. Ask questions to find out why things are happening and what your feelings and circumstances are telling you. And the only way to do that is to do a regular assessment and spring cleaning of your life. 

Episode 67 | Natisha Willis Detours Are Just Life Lessons: Be Intentional And Don’t Give Up

Natisha talks to us about how detours are just life lessons, continue to be intentional towards your goals and don’t give up. She had every reason to give up on her plans to move abroad for the second time. The first time didn’t turn out the way she had hoped. But Natisha new that her dreams were on the other side of multiple disappointments and roadblocks. She shares with us some powerful insights that allowed her to grow exponentially and in return help others. 

Episode 66 | Monday Message With Frantzces There Are No Problems Only Life Lessons

In this episode, Frantzces talks about problems and life lessons. And how there are no such things as problems. The way we approach them keeps them circulating in our lives. She gives us some tips on how to reframe them, and how to look at them differently. So we can approach them in a way that empowers us and not keeps us in a rut.

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The Nest Keeper

I absolutely love this podcast! The hosts are naturals at interviewing, and they are excellent at providing a platform for those sharing their experiences abroad and giving those who want to move abroad a portal to hear and be motivated by these stories.



I’ve only listened to one episode so far and I’m already walking away with so much information. Great conversation and great interviews about working abroad and traveling. Definitely a unique mindset and one I can’t wait to learn more about. Highly recommended.


Andi Tee

First off every Monday, I get excited because of the “Monday message” which is usually 6 minutes but packed with a powerful message. I loooove all of the interviews with people that give actual accounts of their travels or experiences of moving abroad. Even during challenging times, the recurring message is loud and clear: Black peoples are breaking free from the abusive and toxic USA system and are finding their happy elsewhere. I’ve lived abroad before in the Arab world, which is (not) my cup of tea either. As I’m gearing up and preparing for another move, the podcast is helpful to me with more support, encouragement and ideas. Thank you for this and keep the content coming.



I love the perspective that Nubia and Frantzces shed on traveling. Their guests are very knowledgeable and share interesting stories. Definitely an inspiring podcast!