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Episode 77 | Monday Message With Frantzces Who Do You Need To Become

In this episode, Frantzces continues to dive deeply about the last month of the year. This is where we set our intentions, reflect on our lives and think of the different things we would like to achieve for the upcoming new year. On the last Monday Message she talked about not setting goals, crazy, you can check it out here. She dissects Zig Ziglar’s quote, “What you get by achieving your goal is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Episode 76 | Random Realness With Nubia The Lost Art Of Talking On The Telephone

In this episode, Nubia talks about the lost art of talking on the telephone. Technology is a blessing and a curse. The art of interpersonal communication has been buried by endless text messages.  Do you prefer the personal touch of a phone call or would you rather send a quick impersonal text? Let us know your thoughts. 

Episode 75 | Monday Message With Frantzces Don’t Set Goals For 2019

In this episode, Frantzces says to don’t set goals for 2019. Pretty controversial, but what she’s really saying is if setting goals isn’t your thing then maybe there is another way you can achieve everything you want to achieve in life. 

Sometimes people try to make themselves fit into something that really isn’t for them when they should be redesigning it in ways that resonates with them. She talks about how to reframe and shift your approach to setting goals. She also provides one key method that has helped her over the years.

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The Nest Keeper

I absolutely love this podcast! The hosts are naturals at interviewing, and they are excellent at providing a platform for those sharing their experiences abroad and giving those who want to move abroad a portal to hear and be motivated by these stories.



I’ve only listened to one episode so far and I’m already walking away with so much information. Great conversation and great interviews about working abroad and traveling. Definitely a unique mindset and one I can’t wait to learn more about. Highly recommended.


Andi Tee

First off every Monday, I get excited because of the “Monday message” which is usually 6 minutes but packed with a powerful message. I loooove all of the interviews with people that give actual accounts of their travels or experiences of moving abroad. Even during challenging times, the recurring message is loud and clear: Black peoples are breaking free from the abusive and toxic USA system and are finding their happy elsewhere. I’ve lived abroad before in the Arab world, which is (not) my cup of tea either. As I’m gearing up and preparing for another move, the podcast is helpful to me with more support, encouragement and ideas. Thank you for this and keep the content coming.



I love the perspective that Nubia and Frantzces shed on traveling. Their guests are very knowledgeable and share interesting stories. Definitely an inspiring podcast!