One of the biggest myths of all is that travel is far too expensive.

False! It doesn’t have to be…

The top two questions I consistently receive in my inbox are how do I afford to travel and what kind of work do I do?

Let’s start from the beginning…

Travel isn’t as expensive as you think. However, you should travel smart and build your financial wealth before jet-setting all over the world.

First things first, change your money mindset! One of America’s favorite financial educators, Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche created the Live Richer Challenge, a FREE online financial challenge that helps you to pay attention to where your money is going and how to raise your net worth by decreasing your debt and assets in only 22 days! Trust me, this program works!

Let me start with this little disclaimer… I am not a huge fan of credit cards. However, they can be extremely beneficial for traveling on a budget if you do it right!

Research the right credit card that suits your lifestyle. If travel is your thing, go with a card that gives you the best travel reward points. I personally wouldn’t worry about cash back credit cards.

Check out the introductory points (50,000 points, 75,000 points, etc…) these points can literally pay for flights and hotels. Use your points!!!! Brian Kelly, better known as The Points Guy has an extensive write up on the Beginner’s Guide to Points and Miles: Essential Travel Tips.

Second task is to rid yourself of folks that aren’t helping to build you up. I know it sounds cliche when they say “surround yourself with like-minded individuals” but it’s true!

Start networking, start to following blogs that interest you,  join a few clubs and maybe get a membership with a specific organization of your choice.

Once you let go of all the tomfoolery, you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that start surfacing. IF you have an entrepreneurial spirit, research how to start your own business, reach out to people who own their own business and ask a question or two.

Once you started focusing your attention on your professional and financial growth, you’ll expand your circle to include the right people that you can learn from and grow with.

Now let’s move onto my Third last task for you: Utilize your resources! If you have a friend living in another country, city or state and they offer to host you for your stay, take them up on it! 50% of your travel expenses will come from you needing accommodations.

If you are able to save on accommodations, that leaves more money to do other things. If free accommodations aren’t an option, don’t be afraid to check out hostels. Hostelworld is a great site that I frequently use to find hostels all over the world.

The negative stigmas that hostels are dirty, or only for young party goers are long gone! There are some beautiful boutique style hostels with private rooms with ensuite bathrooms. So, don’t be afraid to stay in a hostel. Do your research and read reviews!

Lastly… Let me answer the infamous “what do I do?” question. What don’t I do is a better question. I gave up my 9-5, Monday – Friday desk job to be location independent.

I co-own an online business (Chronicles Abroad), I teach English as a second language through an online platform (If you are interested in knowing more, please click here), I am a part-time tutor for a family of 3 and I still make time for ME.

I am a mom, a friend and a colleague. I am blessed to have a position that allows me to be completely location independent. In addition, I wait for NO ONE! If I want to go somewhere, I book it and GO!

By Nubia

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