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Think It’s Too Late To Pursue Your Travel Goals? Think Again

Am I too old to travel? Think again.

What if I want to move abroad at 50?

Is it too late?

People ask us this question a lot. Which makes sense, when you think about it. I mean you spend the majority of your life conforming to this linear lifestyle.

You know, graduate high school, go to college––some of you begin to work while others continue their education. You’re swept up by life’s demands of you. The roles you must play.

And you forget.

You forget about your aspirations. You forget about the time you said you were going to do it. So now here you are, wondering how time has slipped through your fingertips.

And you wonder if any of it is too late. If it’s too late to travel the world. Too late to visit the country you fell in love with––while watching that foreign film one night.

So yeah, life went by pretty damn fast because the things you thought you had time to do––hasn’t been done. Your someday turned into one day, then turned into haven’t yet (day).

Because you think you have time.

Most people believe that time is theirs to manipulate. But frankly, it’s the one thing that once it’s gone––it’s gone for good.

Like, forever.

So, why do you keep holding yourself back? Back from making those travel goals come true?

It’s Not The Money Or The Job (Or The Kids)

What if I told you, the older you are, the better the experiences of traveling the world will be? And what if you gave your children a worldly experience versus what they’ve read in textbooks?

Instead of reading about the Great Wall of China, what if your children saw it with their own eyes? How powerful of an experience would it be for them?

We met Adiya, a single mother who moved to the Congo with her eight-year-old daughter five years ago. She didn’t allow the idea of being a single mother barricade her from achieving her dreams of living abroad.

And frankly, no one understood why she wanted to move to the Congo. Because the news tends to share only the scary details of a country. So, it makes you terrified to visit it.

But when you do the research, and you have conversations with those who have done it, you remove the emotion from the decision and allow logic to break through––you’ll learn everything you heard and saw were just lies.

Then we met with L. Anderson, who decided to sell everything she owned to move abroad. Her goal is to live abroad for two years and visit every country on her list before her 50th birthday. And believe the process didn’t come effortlessly, but what happens is you’re faced with two options: regrets or no regrets.

You see, there are (countless) stories of people who (just like you) have reasons, anchored to their thoughts of why they can’t do this (right now). But they are traveling the world. Both women are single mothers. And they are living their dreams.

But most importantly, they’re living their lives on their terms, doing what they want to do, how they want to do it.

When was the last time you called the shots?

Wisdom Comes With Age

It’s possible for you because you can decide (now).

And remember, being older while traveling you’ll have a significantly different experience than being 21 and traveling.

At an older age, life has more depth and meaning for you. The experiences you’ll have on your travels will penetrate you more profoundly than the 21-year-old getting lit at a Full Moon party in Thailand (nothing wrong with that).

And the experiences you’ll want to have will enrich you in ways nothing else will. Again, remember you also have a substantial amount of life experience.

When you’re older while traveling your connections change and how you relate to people and other cultures is different. Think of all the lessons you’ve learned and the skills you’ve developed (now that you’re older) because it’s going to help you navigate your travels––but it’s also going to bust you wide open.

In other words, sometimes, traveling doesn’t go as planned because such is life. And there might be many frustrations.

But at 30+ you’re emotional intelligence has been fine-tuned (hopefully). Which means you’ve had enough experiences in your life so when things become difficult you won’t throw in the towel.

So, no, it’s not too late.

Imagine, laying on your deathbed with a heart so full and all you have are your memories. When you feel as if you’ve done as much as you can in life––when you feel as if you’ve squeezed all of the juices out of that lemon––you’re more likely to feel fulfilled.

Beleive it or not, you’re “barrier” is only mental. And if you’re fortunate enough to be of sound mind and body, there’s no excuse to make your travel goals a reality.

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