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Episode 52 | Claire Soares Luxury Travel Experiences: Up in the Air Life

Claire Soares is the founder of the luxury travel tour company Up in the Air Life based in the DC area. Unfulfilled with her corporate job, she walked away. Despite making six-figures she decided to follow her passion. Her love of travel and luxury led her to create Up in the Air Life.

Claire uses her love for luxury, champagne, and exotic destinations to provide her clients with once in a lifetime experiences coupled with full concierge services. Her luxury travel experiences are epic!

In this episode you’ll be inspired by the following:
1. If you’re in a career or at a job you hate, create an exit strategy. Because your mental health is at stake.
2. Learn to go with the flow in life because you’ll find yourself more at ease when you do so.
3. And don’t be afraid to follow your heart.

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