Black Men Travel Series: Phil Calvert Of Phil The Culture Spreads Positivity Worldwide


Because of my stature as a Black man, some may automatically find me welcoming and others may be afraid. But when I give off positive energy with a smile, it’s often reciprocated.

The Chronicles Abroad team is featuring Phil Calvert for our Black Man Travels Series. Phil has been traveling the world and spreading positivity worldwide and you may know him as Philwaukee.

If you’ve watched any of his YouTube videos you will see him giving free hugs, getting to know the locals and embracing the various cultures that he encounters.

Because of the amount of impact that he has been having around the world Phil has been given his own travel show called “Phil Good Travel”. This is a monumental accomplishment as there aren’t many Black men who host travel shows on major networks.

Phil, you have traveled to so many places, but we’re curious about what has been your favorite country and why?


So far, my favorite country has been India because it’s so full of culture and when you go to India, you’ll see there are so many different people. India is the Culture Country of the world in my opinion.

With so many new and exciting things on the horizon for you, such as a brand new travel show, tell us a little about how your travel journey began?

After college, I played basketball in Europe and that’s where I experienced different cultures first hand. I started out with a very American mentality because I didn’t realize how easy and cheap it was to travel within Europe.

I just saw all of my teammates who would be going to different places during the holidays and that’s when I inquired about it. My first flight was to London from Copenhagen, Denmark for only 60 Euros and that’s how it all began.

Spreading positivity seems to be your brand and personal mantra, do you think this has affected your travel experience as a Black man?


Positive is my mantra and I believe attitude changes everything!

Because of my stature as a Black man, some may automatically find me welcoming and others may be afraid. But when I give off positive energy with a smile, it’s often reciprocated.

Have you ever been subjected to certain stereotypes while traveling?

Yes, when I was in Venice, Italy. I was mistaken for an African immigrant because of my attire and what’s associated with that. But it wasn’t until I spoke English and they heard my American accent, that I was treated differently.

With women appearing to dominate the travel industry, what do you think holds most men back from traveling?

I think a lot of men are the breadwinners and carry a lot of financial responsibility; which doesn’t allow them to either afford or use their money for travel.

But I also think that is changing because I do see a lot of men during my travels and a lot of platforms are popping up to support that movement.

Why do you think it’s important for Black men to travel?


There is a certain stereotype about Black men because we often are celebrated for just our abilities and talents but there is also a negative portrayal of us in the media as well.

So I feel it’s important for Black men to travel to break down those stereotypes, which is also the main reason, aside from spreading positivity, that I travel.

When they see that I am a “Hug Dealer” instead of a Drug Dealer, it opens the door for the next Black man that’s traveling!

And what can we collectively do to encourage more to do so? Continue to praise, support, promote and encourage Black to travel is one of the first steps.

With today’s social and political climate, how has venturing abroad altered your worldview?

Socially, I feel like even though we speak different languages, we are all the same and desire the same sense of community and happiness. Everyone, no matter your ethnicity, speaks the language of love.

What is the one piece of advice you would give someone, especially a Black man who wants to travel?


Do it! What are you waiting for? We are the most wanted and celebrated people all of the world. Black men are HOT right now…so travel man!

What’s new on the horizon for 2019 and where can our readers find you on social media?

My new travel series debuts in 2019 called Phil Good Travel and will be available on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms. And you can find me on Instagram @philwaukee on Twitter, and YouTube using the name Philwaukee.

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