Black Men Travel Series: Will Edmond Travel Feeds The Soul


Travel can feed your soul and it’s the experiences that can last for a lifetime.

Chronicles Abroad is featuring Will Edmond from Adventures of Will, an online resource and travel guide leading you into a world of art, food, music, travel, and culture.

He shares a lot of resources and a bird’s eye view about the different cultures he experiences while traveling. Will shares his adventures through his YouTube channel while also curating trips. 

Tell us a little about your travel journey?

My travel journey began when I was working in corporate America as a marketing professional. I traveled throughout the country setting up new stores in various states.

This alone sparked my excitement for wanderlust. I’ve visited 27 states and 9 countries thus far.

What has been your favorite country and why?

New Zealand – The beauty of the landscapes, the friendliness of the people, and I also found the best Thai food I’ve ever eaten across the street from the Airbnb I was renting for 10 days.

I ate at this local restaurant about 7 times in one week. The food was DELICIOUS! If you know me, I LOVE eating Thai food.

Furthermore, New Zealand was probably one of the cleanest countries I’ve ever visited. New Zealand was always, always on the top of my bucket list and I was able to go there for $250 roundtrip.

What’s on your bucket list?

Maldives, Philippines, Madagascar, Kiev.

Why do you think it’s important for Black men to travel?


It’s important to see Black men travel because there’s a lot of misconceptions throughout the world about Black men in general. (i.e Black men don’t go hiking, camping, deep sea fishing, diving.)

I know a Black man that does each one of the activities listed above in the Black travel space.

In 2019, I hope to encourage more Black men to document their travels by video because the social reach of a video is huge and we can help inspire the next generation.

What has been your experience traveling overseas as a Black man? Have you ever been subjected to certain stereotypes while traveling?

No, I feel like I’m treated better in other countries than here in the United States. The country that shows me the most love is Mexico.

Women seem to dominate the travel industry, what do you think holds men back from traveling, specifically Black men?

I think a lot of Black men see traveling as being too expensive or something they should wait to do when they are retired.

You recently spent some time in Barbados with a few top female travel influencers, can you share with us why you were the only Black man on the trip?


My friend Danny Rivers-Mitchell of Black Girls Travel Too invited me on the trip to capture all the moments. Barbados is a place I could return to every year!

What have you learned about other cultures through your travels?

I’ve learned that traveling allows me to understand different cultures. It has definitely opened my mind to different ideas and cultural norms that I wouldn’t be able to witness if I never left America.

Traveling has helped me to understand the human experience more and how we are alike in so many ways.

After visiting so many countries what still leaves you in awe?


The scenery and trying different foods.

What’s one crazy but a worthwhile experience that you’ve done abroad?

My favorite travel moment was paragliding over Lake Guatavita. Which is also known as the “El Dorado the Lost City of Gold” in the mountains near Sopo, Colombia. The adrenaline rush from paragliding is like no other!

What is the one piece of advice you would give someone, especially Black men who want to travel?

Do it now! Time waits for no one. Travel can feed your soul and it’s the experiences that can last for a lifetime.

Where can our readers find you on social media?

You can find me at Will Edmond on Instagram and on YouTube.

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