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Episode 77 | Monday Message With Frantzces Who Do You Need To Become

In this episode, Frantzces continues to dive deeply about the last month of the year. This is where we set our intentions, reflect on our lives and think of the different things we would like to achieve for the upcoming new year. On the last Monday Message she talked about not setting goals, crazy, you can check it out here. She dissects Zig Ziglar’s quote, “What you get by achieving your goal is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

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Episode 76 | Random Realness With Nubia The Lost Art Of Talking On The Telephone

In this episode, Nubia talks about the lost art of talking on the telephone. Technology is a blessing and a curse. The art of interpersonal communication has been buried by endless text messages.  Do you prefer the personal touch of a phone call or would you rather send a quick impersonal text? Let us know your thoughts. 

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Episode 75 | Monday Message With Frantzces Don’t Set Goals For 2019

In this episode, Frantzces says to don’t set goals for 2019. Pretty controversial, but what she’s really saying is if setting goals isn’t your thing then maybe there is another way you can achieve everything you want to achieve in life. 

Sometimes people try to make themselves fit into something that really isn’t for them when they should be redesigning it in ways that resonates with them. She talks about how to reframe and shift your approach to setting goals. She also provides one key method that has helped her over the years.

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Episode 74 | Random Realness With Nubia What Does Friendship Mean To You?

Welcome to Random Realness with Nubia. A new weekly segment to capture impromptu conversations about everyday life, society & culture. So sit back, sip your tea, and join the conversation.

On this week’s episode, she sits down with Camille to discuss the meaning of friendship. They uncover that the meaning of friendship is subjective and that fulfillment within your friendships may require more introspection and personal responsibility than we think. So tell us, how do you define a friendship?

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Episode 73 | The Season 2 Finale: Thank You

Thank you to our listeners for supporting Chronicles Abroad. We really appreciate you all. We love hearing from you guys––it gives us so much life!

We’re taking a short hiatus as we prepare for season 3. During our time away we’ll still be quite active on social media and in our group so please continue to follow us and continue to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Or even some good stuff, like maybe you finally booked that trip you’ve always wanted to take. We want to hear it all!

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Episode 72 | Monday Message With Frantzces How Festivals And Rituals Can Help Us Get Unstuck

In this episode, Frantzces talks about how festivals and rituals can help us move forward. Last week was Loy Krathong and The Yi Peng Festival (The Lantern Festival) which is celebrated throughout all of Thailand which Chiang Mai holds the largest release. 

This festival is about letting go of the things that no longer serve you in life, so you can make room for better things. It’s a way to set your intentions for the following year. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy these festivities. However, it’s such a great reminder to take inventory, and check-in with yourself on the progress you are or aren’t making.

She talks a bit about these festivals and why they matter.

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Episode 71 | Isaiah Uses Travel To Transform Communities

Isaiah is using travel to transform communities to make the world a better place. He realized how much travel transformed his life so he’s dedicated to changing communities. He created Venture Road, which provides a low-cost way for people to travel with a purpose by working on community projects that have a positive impact on the community. 

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Episode 70 | Monday Message With Frantzces How To Increase Your Self-Worth

In this episode, Frantzces talks about how to increase your self-worth and worthiness. Having self-worth means you value yourself as a person. When you don’t have self-worth it shows up in your relationships, your health and even your income. She goes into the different ways you can increase your self-worth.

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Episode 69 | Tekisha Harvey How She Quit Her Job And Became Her Own Boss

Tekisha shares with us how she quit her job and became her own boss. At first, it seemed like quitting her job was out of reach, and it didn’t seem possible. But after a simple conversation, she realized it actually was possible. We break down her blog post and found out how she created a plan, executed it and traveled the world––while building a successful business. 

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Episode 68 | Monday Message With Frantzces Do Regular Inventory Of Your Life

In this episode, Frantzces talks about how important it is to do a regular inventory of your life. Sometimes our problems snowball and they grow in size. And what’s important for us to do is to stop for a minute and get curious about our lives. Ask questions to find out why things are happening and what your feelings and circumstances are telling you. And the only way to do that is to do a regular assessment and spring cleaning of your life.