Frantzces learned a life-changing lesson on attachments. Many of us have never put too much thought on our attachments to people and things. It’s important to know what healthy and unhealthy attachments look like.

The way we develop attachments to others growing up has a massive impact on our attachments as adults. Living abroad taught the lesson of impermanence and attachment because the living abroad community is transient, which means people come and they go.

Often for very short spurts or for a few months or even years. But it’s not uncommon to have an amazing connection with someone only to find out they are leaving the same day. How do you manage that constant fluctuation in relationships?

Living abroad forces you to be comfortable with this state of being.

Buddha says, “The root of suffering is attachment.” 

So this Monday Message is just another reminder about to check-in with ourselves about the way we connect with people.

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So tune in!

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