Would you like to finally make that move abroad?

Aaron Horwath, our Vietnam expat guest from episode 7 of the Chronicles Abroad podcast, is back with a segment we call Global Grind.

Over the next several weeks on Global Grind, Aaron is our guest host alongside, Nubia, and Frantzces will be covering the entire process of moving your life and career abroad.

In this episode, we discuss some of the fundamental questions to think about to begin the process of moving abroad. Here are a few of the many questions we pose to help you get started:

1. Why do you want to move abroad?

2. Have you thought about testing out the waters first before moving?

3. What are your aspirations for your career abroad?

4. Have you considered some of the downsides of living abroad? This is where we share a realistic perspective of living abroad.

And at the end of the episode, we give you an action plan to help you get your international journey started.

Start Grinding

Write down three different cities and locations you think you might be interested in living in.

Read at least one blog post (or watch one vlog) of someone who is currently (or was) living in that city (even better, read one positive and one negative one)

After each post, reflect on the following: can you honestly see yourself living in those locations long term?

Do you have more questions? Or a topic you want us to unpack? Any feedback? Send us an email at GlobalGrind@chroniclesabroad.com.

You can also check Aaron out on his blog.

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