Vocalist, songwriter, and poet Stephanie James had an impressive, secure job in the States. But she wanted to become a digital nomad.

Stephanie stumbled upon an opportunity with a company who facilitates a group of aspiring nomads to travel to three continents and multiple countries in 12 months.

Stephanie stepped out on faith and decided to apply to be a part of this fantastic opportunity, which afforded her the opportunity to travel to 18 countries in a year.

Throughout her journey, Stephanie developed lasting friendships, cultivated connections, and was inspired to create a free social networking site for artist and creatives called The Artist Connection.

Stephanie is now back in the States, and she discusses the severe reverse culture shock and the adjustments that she’s had to make since returning home.

In this episode you’ll be inspired by the following:

1. There are no limitations.
2. Stephanie’s mantra is, “Say what you want until you see what you said.”
3. When you set your intentions they will manifest.

Want to connect with Stephanie? Check her out on the following social media platforms:

@justavessel22 Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat

Check Stephanie out for more videos and info chronicling her abroad journey on her blog Justavessel.

Website for artists: The Artist Connection

@taconnection on Instagram and Facebook

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