In this episode, we help you to narrow down what an international career is––as this term is very vague. We dive deep into what your options are such as NGO’s, freelancing, the Peace Corps, etc.

We help you to consider the following:

1. What do you want to do? International career is very vague.

2. How to choose the right country for you and things to consider when selecting a location.

3. Use Numbeo to determine a fair salary across different economies.

Also, consider the type of life you want to have abroad:
Slower pace = Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panamá
Big Adventure = India, China
Comfortable or family = Staying in the West or Southeast Asia

And at the end of the episode, we give you an action plan to help you get your international career started.

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Tip: Whatever you hear about a country from an expat is exaggerated. Nowhere is nearly as good or nearly as terrible as someone online says. It is 30% better than they say and 30% not as cool as they claim.

Start Grinding

Look at a map and pick two different cities that interest you.

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