In this episode of Global Grind, we discuss how to leverage your content to create visibility so you can get abroad. We dive a bit deeper into the different social media platforms and their effectiveness. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We also learned about a few others that you could add to your toolbelt.

Once you’ve decided on a platform then pick a niche and begin indexing your industry knowledge online. And sometimes the narrower the topic the better.

We help you to think about the following:
1. Use your content as an excuse to reach out to thought leaders and start conversations.
2. It’s not about the number of people who read your content it’s about making sure you have quality content.
3. Obtain the data from the social media platform that you chose, so you can better understand your audience.

Start Grinding

1. Create a social media account on any of the platforms we’ve talked about (or one that resonates with you).
2. Post a piece of content, it can range from a small tweet to a full-blown blog post.
3. Engage one industry leader either through a tweet or a DM to start building connections.

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