Jema Patterson is a fulltime blogger of Half The Clothes and her motto continues to be “take half the clothes and twice the money”. She believes travel is transformative. She’s committed to never have a job again.

Her blog Half The Clothes gives you the nitty gritty and several travel hacks to make your experience meaningful, enjoyable and sometimes affordable.

We break down some myths about the affordability of travel. Then we explore how to create a blogging career so you can freelance your way around the world.

In this episode you’ll be inspired by the following:
1. Time, attention and health are the most important commodities in your life as well as the most limited. So use them wisely.
2. Find your why (know it) and once you do, you’ll be on fire.
3. You don’t need much to create happiness.

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Tune in to find out where in the world she is today!

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