In this episode of the Global Grind series, we tackle the ethics behind NGO’s. We’ve witnessed NGO’s such as the Red Cross raise money for causes. However, these countries didn’t receive the aid they needed. So, how do you find out if this NGO is ethical enough to work for?

We pulled these preliminary questions from 20 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Working for a Social Good Organization to ask when vetting an NGO:

1. What are the financials and can you see how the NGO spends their money?
2. Does the organizational operate ethically? How might culture, fundraising, and organizational gain impact its ethics?
3. How is the organization’s impact measured? Who is responsible for determining impact and evaluating results?

Start Grinding

Research Guide Star to find NGO’s who are providing the transparency you need to feel comfortable with moving forward. Also, review the article to get an extensive list of preliminary questions to ask prior to contacting an NGO.

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