It’s our anniversary! Nubia and I thank you so much for your support. We can’t believe six months have already passed. We’ve had so much fun and we’ve learned so much from our guests and our listeners.

In this episode, we break down our top 5 episodes with the most downloads and listens. Each episode is packed with tips, inspiration, and encouragement for you to go out there and just rock the world.

Top 5

1. Episode 9 | Bianca Wilson Strategically Creates A Plan To Move Abroad

In this episode, Bianca talks about how she strategically took a sabbatical abroad to test the waters to see if living abroad is for her. Listen to Bianca’s episode to find out if living abroad was truly for her. 

2. Episode 5 | Tina C. Hines Heals Women From All Over The World

Tina is a life transformational coach who helps women go from hurt to healing. We have a real candid conversation about mental health as we share with you all our issues with depression and anxiety. Tina travels the world holding workshops and retreats to empower and educate women. There are lots of golden nuggets in this episode, so definitely have a listen. 

3. Episode 18 | Global Grind Unpacks These Critical Steps So You Can Move Abroad

Global Grind is one of our piloted episodes where we had guest hosts share some practical tips on how to secure an international career. Aaron was our guest host for this one and we provided a lot of tips and resources to get you thinking to start your journey. You can learn about Aaron on his podcast interview about how he secured a tech job in Vietnam through unconventional methods.

4. Episode 37 | Bogi’s Crazy Adventures Abroad And On Being A Tour Guide

Bogi’s episode is all about embracing uncertainty. This episode is fun, crazy and super inspirational as we talk about opening yourself up to adventures outside of your comfort zone. If you do what you love you’ll never have a case of the Mondays. 

5. Episode 6 | Lawrence “Binkey” Tolefree Jr. Builds an Amazing Community in Thailand

Binkey is a Chicago native living in Chiang Mai. We call him the mayor of Chiang Mai. Binkey is the epitome of when something goes wrong how do you turn it into something positive. When the program he was supposed to be a part of didn’t pan out, Binkey found ways to make things happen. It’s a true testament to how the universe opens up to you when you set an intention and make a commitment. 

Again, thank you so much for supporting Chronicles Abroad, you guys are giving us life! And we appreciate it so much. We have such an amazing line up for you so continue to stay tuned.

Before you go…

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