Self-proclaimed Life Transformation Specialist, Tina C. Hines is an author, an intuitive clairvoyant, and medium who uses her unique gifts to help women go from hurt to healing.

After being diagnosed with depression, Tina began her personal journey to reclaim self-love and happiness.

It’s been said that Tina is matchless in her craft as she combines guided meditation, deep compassion and a bit of tough love to inspire women to say Yes to healing those emotional wounds and seek happiness in their lives.

Tina has been featured in the NY Times, appeared on Good Morning America, Positive Energy TV, This Needs to Be Said and Trenton Now.

She is the author of Self-Love After The Storm: 31 Affirmations to Heal Emotional Wounds and co-author of Organized Obstacles: A Collection of Weight Loss Stories From Those Who Laughed In Impossible’s Face.

Tina travels the globe hosting workshops and retreats that educate, empower, and enlighten women.

In this episode, you’ll be inspired by the following:
1. Focus on your mental health first and foremost.
2. Life is too short, so live the best life you possibly can.
3. Stop worrying about things that can’t happen and focus on what can happen.

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Facebook: Tina C. Hines

Website: Tinachines and YouTube

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