Bako has been traveling the world for the last 12 years. She has been to 30 countries on four continents. She left her federal government job as a social worker to live and teach in Japan.

Bako decided to move abroad because her mental health was being affected by all of the violence that is occurring in the States. She isn’t motivated by money she says and she is committed to creating a better quality of life abroad.

Despite traveling the world this is Bako’s first move abroad. She had to downsize from a house she owns and still manage her mortgage. She plans to continue traveling the world and learn about as many cultures as she can.

In this episode, you’ll be inspired by the following:
1. Even if you have a house and a mortgage you can still move abroad.
2. The things that you accumulate over time are just things, be okay with letting some of it go.
3. Don’t let fear dictate your life.

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