Episode 68 | Monday Message With Frantzces Do Regular Inventory Of Your Life

In this episode, Frantzces talks about how important it is to do a regular inventory of your life. Sometimes our problems snowball and they grow in size. And what’s important for us to do is to stop for a minute and get curious about our lives. Ask questions to find out why things are happening and what your feelings and circumstances are telling you. And the only way to do that is to do a regular assessment and spring cleaning of your life. 

Episode 67 | Natisha Willis Detours Are Just Life Lessons: Be Intentional And Don’t Give Up

Natisha talks to us about how detours are just life lessons, continue to be intentional towards your goals and don’t give up. She had every reason to give up on her plans to move abroad for the second time. The first time didn’t turn out the way she had hoped. But Natisha new that her dreams were on the other side of multiple disappointments and roadblocks. She shares with us some powerful insights that allowed her to grow exponentially and in return help others. 

Episode 66 | Monday Message With Frantzces There Are No Problems Only Life Lessons

In this episode, Frantzces talks about problems and life lessons. And how there are no such things as problems. The way we approach them keeps them circulating in our lives. She gives us some tips on how to reframe them, and how to look at them differently. So we can approach them in a way that empowers us and not keeps us in a rut.

Episode 65 | Toddré Challenges Colorism In Zanzibar

Toddré shares many stories about how she challenges colorism in Zanzibar. She’s a former lawyer and uses her voice to advocate and educate the world around her. She understands there’s no utopia and you have to find where you fit in. And then make the best out of your life.

Episode 64 | Monday Message With Frantzces Silence Heals

In this episode, Frantzces talks about how silence heals. In a world that is so noisy, it’s essential for our mental health to find space to be silent. It’s through the silence that you are able to declutter your mind so you can think clearly. And it’s through silence you are able to reconnect with yourself. Find out what in this episode the holistic benefits of silence and how turning inwards can illuminate the things inside of us that are so hard to hear.

Episode 63 | Craig The Cheap God 

Craig The Cheap God has been traveling the world since he was young. As a veteran, he has been able to use his benefits to travel the world on a budget. He believes when you travel the best experience is experiencing the local life and the local culture. He doesn’t believe you need a ton of money to live a fulfilling life. Craig’s motto is getting out of the 9-5 grind and live your life.

Episode 62 | Monday Message With Frantzces Managing Difficult Emotions

In this episode, Frantzces talks about managing difficult emotions. Some of us don’t do well in managing our feelings––especially in the healthiest way possible. Just know whatever you decide to do, your feelings are going to come out one way or another. We tend to distract ourselves from feeling our feelings either through destructive behaviors such as overeating or getting involved in unhealthy relationships. Frantzces shares 6 steps to getting started in managing your difficult emotions in a more productive and healthier way.

Episode 61 | Maya The Explorer Sets Herself Up To Be Debt Free Abroad

Maya The Explorer has no more mortgages and no more student loans. She’s been traveling the world before Instagram was a thing. Maya has been living in SE Asia for the last 8 years but has been living in Singapore for the last 6 years. Find out how she strategically set herself financially abroad. Now, Maya has cemented herself abroad. With no plans of returning to the States, she is strictly focused on early retirement and traveling to as many countries as she possibly can.

Episode 60 | Monday Message With Frantzces Raise Your Standards

In this episode, Frantzces talks about something Tony Robbins mentions a lot which is raising your standards. If there’s something you would like to accomplish in life but haven’t, it could be because you haven’t raised your standards high enough. We often accept what is being thrown at us. Not realizing that raising our standards means demanding better pay, better relationships and a healthier lifestyle. Most people are afraid of raising their standards because it would mean they would have to commit. It would mean they would have to face failure. 

Episode 59 | Danielle Teaches Travel Affordability While Helping Others To Build Financial Wealth

Danielle is a travel finance strategist who teaches travel affordability while helping others to build financial wealth. She manages The Thought Card where she helps people to create financial freedom in their personal lives while also helping them to make travel a priority. She helps us to shift our mindset from lack to abundance, to I can and I will from I can’t and I don’t know how.