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Episode 61 | Maya The Explorer Sets Herself Up To Be Debt Free Abroad

Maya The Explorer has no more mortgages and no more student loans. She’s been traveling the world before Instagram was a thing. Maya has been living in SE Asia for the last 8 years but has been living in Singapore for the last 6 years. Find out how she strategically set herself financially abroad. Now, Maya has cemented herself abroad. With no plans of returning to the States, she is strictly focused on early retirement and traveling to as many countries as she possibly can.

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Episode 56 | The Wilsons A Wanderlust Family World Schools Their Children

Yunche & Tim are The Wilsons A Wanderlust Family who is traveling the world with their two daughters in tow. After years of chasing the American dream, going through bankruptcy and losing their home along with everything they’ve worked so hard for they decided it was time for a massive change.

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Episode 50 | Michaela Beats The Odds And Spreading Positivity Around The World

Michaela beats the odds and travels solo all over the world. Having lived in four different continents she isn’t a stranger to the abroad movement. A few years ago a diagnosis almost derailed her dreams. But Michaela’s perseverance and positive attitude allowed her to conquer her fears and live her life how she sees fit.

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Episode 46 | Rachel Travels Opens Up About How Travel Has Impacted Her Life

Rachel is a Travel Influencer and Digital Strategist from Orlando, FL. After silently suffering from Anxiety Disorder and Depression, Rachel“retired” from Corporate America at 27, to travel the world indefinitely. She shares how travel has impacted her and gave her a new perspective on life. Rachel has used travel to heal and to build a location independent lifestyle.