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Episode 76 | Random Realness With Nubia The Lost Art Of Talking On The Telephone

In this episode, Nubia talks about the lost art of talking on the telephone. Technology is a blessing and a curse. The art of interpersonal communication has been buried by endless text messages.  Do you prefer the personal touch of a phone call or would you rather send a quick impersonal text? Let us know your thoughts. 

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Episode 74 | Random Realness With Nubia What Does Friendship Mean To You?

Welcome to Random Realness with Nubia. A new weekly segment to capture impromptu conversations about everyday life, society & culture. So sit back, sip your tea, and join the conversation.

On this week’s episode, she sits down with Camille to discuss the meaning of friendship. They uncover that the meaning of friendship is subjective and that fulfillment within your friendships may require more introspection and personal responsibility than we think. So tell us, how do you define a friendship?