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Episode 81 | Monday Message With Frantzces Start This Habit In 2019

In this episode, Frantzces describes journaling as a wonderful habit that has many benefits once you begin. We tend to keep a lot of stuff in our heads. And we have to find a way to get all of our emotions and thoughts out so that we can understand them better. Journaling has benefits such as stress management and regulating mood. But there’s more.

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Episode 80 | Monday Message With Frantzces Stop Waiting To Feel Good

In this episode, Frantzces asks the question why are you waiting to feel good? Many of you are waiting for something before something else can happen. Whether it’s waiting to retire to travel, waiting for that promotion that one day will happen, there’s this cycle of waiting that holds us hostage.

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Episode 78 | Monday Message With Frantzces 7 Questions To Help You Reflect On 2018

In this episode, Frantzces is encouraging you to reflect on 2018. Many times we jump not just from day to day or month to month but year to year. How are you measuring your progress and growth? But on this episode, she provides 7 questions for you to ask yourself so you can clearly reflect on 2018. This is an essential reflection exercise because you don’t want to find yourself repeating situations or emotional and mental states in 2019. If you’re looking to level up each year start with these questions.