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Nubia and Frantzces crossed paths a few years ago in Washington, DC. To each of their surprise, they both grew up in Boston, MA and shared a few mutual friends, however they never formally met. Well, the Universe finally brought these two influencers together and through their love for travel and helping others, they developed a friendship.

Through this friendship,  Chronicles Abroad was born! As a result of the many inquiries from people reaching out to both Nubia and Frantzces about traveling, living and working abroad, they decided to create a platform where they could address these questions and help inspire and motivate others in the process.

Frantzces didn’t have a network when she moved abroad. She understood how scary it could be and how people can become overwhelmed by the amount of information that exists. So, this is the purpose of developing this platform.

Nubia believed the connections she was able to make before moving abroad helped her to connect the gaps which allowed transitioning into a foreign country that much more comfortable. She believes in providing the same support for others.

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